On the Hunt for Joy – Week 13 – Paint your front door

Cee Neuner’s challenge this week for On the Hunt for Joy is Paint your front door. I can appreciate that a fresh coat of paint in a bright colour would be likely to cheer up the painter and neighbours. The fashion here is for low-maintenance doors and windows, which must not be painted!

With the kind of synchronicity with which  my blogging has been blessed over the years, something happened last week that was not unrelated to front doors.

Schools closed as part of the social distancing measures. Our neighbour told us she had stocked up with craft materials for home-schooling. We were surprised on the Tuesday morning to discover a decorated pebble (or rock for US readers!) on our front path. It included the words, ‘Be happy’. On the reverse was a message from the neighbour’s family. After some thought, we placed it on our front doorstep. It certainly brightens it up.


5 thoughts on “On the Hunt for Joy – Week 13 – Paint your front door

    1. Sue, that stone/rock is beautiful. However, this is proving a difficult time with people who really have time to fill suggesting ways to do this, while some of us don’t have the extra time but feel mean refusing to take up their ‘challenges’… I have been asked to send a poem to 20 people plus the person who sent one to me! Really, could do without, as busy with catching up o n writing and drawing, (normal work) plus keeping going with housework (no cleaners) garden (helpful gardeners also isolating) and my exercise classes (on Zoom) and daily walk (with husband for mutual exercise and fresh air. As ever, all our lives vary so much! Hope you are doing okay – it is rather strange isn’t it?!


      1. Nice to hear from you.
        I never take part in those sorts of chains. We all have to set our own boundaries. Housework keeps and weeds just get a bit bigger!. I didn’t do any cleaning for two months due to illness earlier this year! I’m fine now. Quite enjoying not having to go out and meet people! As you say we are all different. Stay safe as everyone is saying now!

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  1. 🙂 “We are all different!” Yes! Have just replied to a friendly e-mail… will poss feelI shd respond to the poem thing as came from old schoolfriend who is now disabled, so ‘too busy’ makes me feel I wd sound cruel. For her, it is what she can do… Oh dear, life is complicated! Keep safe, indeed, and one day there may be another Scargill Weekend with Bridget & Adrian!

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