On the Hunt for Joy – Week 7 – Make yourself look small

The theme of Cee Neuner’s challenge for this week is Make yourself look small. Of course, if you can laugh at yourself it helps keep things in perspective and makes you feel more cheerful.

Spot the people by the cliffs!

For the challenge I have taken looking small literally. This can be done by comparison with something large in the landscape or built environment or by distance. My photo combines a feature in the landscape and distance. I am sure that on the large expanse of wet sand I looked small to the two people silhouetted against the spume deposited on the cliffs by the high tide – if they even noticed me!

In case you missed my post about Joy on Sue’s Trifles it is here.


3 thoughts on “On the Hunt for Joy – Week 7 – Make yourself look small

  1. A lovely clear view! I thought at first I would be able to see (or perhaps not quite to see) you in it. Giving up, I then read the second paragraph!

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