A lunch stop by Bassenthwaite Lake

On a lovely day in September we stopped in a lay-by and walked to the shore of Bassenthwaite Lake. We didn’t find a comfortable place to eat our picnic. There were a few rocks, but they were hard – by definition! We ate enough to revive our strength and saved the rest for later.

Looking along Bassenthwaite Lake
Looking across Bassenthwaite Lake
Sneezewort and St John’s Wort

I took two photos of the scenery and one of a plant I didn’t recognise. When I learned that it was sneezewort, I remembered that I had sneezed after walking past the white daisy-like flower.

I may have mentioned on this blog that I have been learning the names of lots of wild flowers through participating in a Sunday evening (UK time) Twitter chat – #WildflowerHour. The Tweets may be found using the hashtag. There was also a challenge on Wednesdays to find flowers with wort in the name – #WyrtWednesday.