Wildflowers near water

One Saturday morning during the heatwave, I set off in the morning to look for wild flowers near water. This was the theme of a #WildFlowerHour challenge on Twitter. I shared most of the photos I took on Twitter. The hashtag was #ByTheWater

I am creating this post to give more background information about the area where I took most of my photos.

The public footpath currently runs from the beach, through a field, across an old wooden bridge, over a pedestrian level crossing and up to a lane. There are plans to divert it. I have looked at the plans in the local library. At the time I was rather preoccupied. I didn’t find them particularly clear. The maps were large scale and I couldn’t be sure of the precise route of the proposed path.

I am interested to find out where it will go and what disturbance there will be to the established wild plants in the area. I am indebted to participants in #wildfowerhour especially BSBI (Botanical society of Britain and Ireland) for the identification of some of these plants. Any errors are mine!

Where I have only partly identified the plant, more details would be welcome in the comments.