Hardly a newsworthy story

It surprises me when a photo I have recently taken or an opportunity just after the challenge has been issued fits the subject.

Worn Doormat
Worn Doormat

This week hubby and I went shopping to buy a few replacement household items. One was an outside doormat. We had wiped our feet on the old doormat so many times that it was too worn to be useful.
As I left the house the next morning I was surprised to see the old doormat beyond the new one.

Two doormats
Two doormats

Arriving home at lunch-time I was even more surprised to see a boot-cleaner with bristles on top of the old mat. It had arrived while I was out. I duly stood on one foot at a time and brushed my boots.

Two mats and a new boot-brush
Two mats and a new boot-brush

As I went out in the afternoon I took some photos. When I returned the arrangement was different again. Hubby had been cleaning our windows and accidentally dirtied his boots.

New arrangement
New arrangement


When he reached the mats he tried out the new boot-cleaner and transferred the dirt from his boots to the glass panel on the door. Fortunately that was before he began to clean it, but it was extra work all the same.

(Is this the most mundane submission to the challenge from the Daily Post for a story?)

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