Sweet shade of pink

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is Sweet.

I didn’t take a photo of some cheesecake, which I enjoyed. There weren’t any cute animals or children about, but the shade of pink I am using for my latest knitting project is one I regard as sweet.

I had a useful amount of yarn left over from a child’s jacket I knitted last year. A pattern I have used many times is for some baby clothes suitable for premature babies. The hat is not yet complete. There are ends to sew in and buttons and button-loops to add. The ball of yarn hardly seems to have reduced in size. I shall be knitting bootees and mittens and perhaps another set or more! The special baby unit at the local hospital is grateful for these items.

Baby's hat and pink yarn
Baby’s hat and pink yarn

What would you call this shade of Baby Pink? What we call candyfloss in the UK is known as spun sugar in the US, I think.