Battered beach and crumbling cliffs

The effects of the elements on the man-made and natural scenery at the beach are an obvious interpretation of the theme of this challenge from Krista and the Daily Post

The breakwaters or groynes take a battering, which helps protect the beach. Without the groynes the shingle would move farther. Pebbles still reach the foreshore. The cliffs are being eroded by waves and weather.

A large number of people braved the cold on New Year’s Day to raise money for the RNLI (whose volunteers were there to keep them safe) and other charities.

2 thoughts on “Battered beach and crumbling cliffs

  1. I remember learning about coast erosion in geography/geology at school! On the South coast, we have Chisel Beach, famous for the removal of gravel by the sea which moves it to form a long piece of ‘land’ (Chisel Beach). And as a small child, hearing about the ‘groynes’ on the beaches flummoxed me, as how could they really be ‘groins’, which are part of humans/animals?! (You can tell there was much more science in my family than literature as a young child and into my teens, and it’s always hung about in the background! Why I write is a mystery … But I have always also loved stories.)

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