A disappointing surprise

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is Surprise.

As I was sitting in an open-air eating area near the café in a city park, I noticed the shadows on a wooden structure. The structure consists of pairs of vertical posts with a horizontal beams topped by thin strands of bamboo or something similar. There was a repeating pattern of diagonal stripes on the beams and a repeating pattern of posts.

I nearly forgot to take a photo at all.

The rest of our party was leaving and there were quite a few people sitting under the structure. I was embarrassed about taking the photo and made sure my phone was pointing above the people. In the bright sunshine I couldn’t see the preview on the screen.

Instead of the photo I intended to take, I was surprised, when I looked later, to find that I had some sky and only one beam. Perhaps you can imagine the picture I had hoped for.

A small part of the structure
A small part of the structure

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