A Weather Wish

This week’s photo challenge from the daily post is Wish.

Low cloud
Low cloud

It is easy to wish on a grey day like today that the sun would shine and the beautiful view appear. However the grey days help me to appreciate the sunny days and the weather phenomena all the more.

22 degree halo
22 degree halo

The second photo taken two days ago (through glass) was a real treat (or blessing). I enquired on Twitter and @CumbriaWeather told me it was a 22° halo. I was a little confused at first as the halo was an arc with an obtuse angle. Having checked the link provided in the reply to my Tweet, I began to realise that the angle was to do with reflection through ice crystals.

I wish many people living in towns and cities where the view is obscured by “the houses in between”, could regularly enjoy skyscapes such as these.



4 thoughts on “A Weather Wish

  1. Very interesting – esp to have a photo of what we all find gloomy – the low cloud! Also thank you for explaining the 22 degree angle! Ice crystals – yes, they are what gives the moon an ‘aura’ especially in damp weather, aren’t they?

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