Photo of the month!

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is for a good match. At first I couldn’t think what to post for this. With Storm Doris and the sting in her tail, it hasn’t been the weather for getting out and taking new photos.

I didn’t find a photo showing a good colour match. However, I recently submitted a photo to someone, who was looking for one to display as the photo of the month in the window of a railway museum. He described what he was looking for on his Facebook page: the Scots Guardsman pulling out of the local station and making clouds of steam. My photo fitted the bill. It will be on display during March if I have understood correctly. I am feeling pretty chuffed about it! (English slang for pleased with oneself and a pun on the noise a steam train makes.)

The West Cumbria Railway Museum is open to the public for a few days each month. If you are in the area and are interested in the history of railways it is worth a look.

It is not the first time this engine has appeared on Sue’s words and pictures.

Scots Guardsman getting up steam
Scots Guardsman getting up steam

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