Street art

The Daily Post photo challenge for this week is Names.  The photo I have chosen is from October last year. It is of some street art with a street name.

I am not sure whether there was any point nearby, where the streetlight and its shadow would not have caused problems. I decided to take it in spite of the intrusive post and shadow. I have cropped it before publication.

Ruskin is the name of a famous man, who was an art critic and  poet among other things. Sometimes local people are honoured by having streets named after them, so the name in the photo may refer to someone else!

Ruskin Parade
Ruskin Parade

7 thoughts on “Street art

      1. Ah-ha – if that street is in Croydon, prob the answer. So many unlikely people seem to have connections there – I wonder if it was a rather nice place in Surrey, before it was ‘developed’ into what I’m told is a hideous 1960s ‘architecture’ and estates? Ruskin was a rather interesting person, rather odd and aesthetic but his idealism helped create Ruskin College so practical in a way.

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      2. Oh my goodness! I have never been there, but grew up in Wimbledon which is kind of near-ish. And have discovered in the past few years a living relative of my mother, very ancient … who lives there and has shared family history with me. My mother was never aware of him – a descendent of the same great-grandfather, who was his grandfather.

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