A Lego exhibition

I have recently been to two exhibitions of Lego models.  This post is about the exhibition at The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven.  One of my photos appeared in an earlier post for the photo challenge, Fun.

At the Beacon the museum entry includes the Lego exhibition, which continues until 11 September 2016.  For local residents an annual pass is available, but this does not provide entry to special exhibitions such as the Lego one.  Other museums have similar schemes.  If you live in the UK and there is a museum in your local area, why not check whether you could have a pass?

Back to the Lego exhibition:  entitled Brick City, it comprises a good number of buildings and a few pictures.  The centrepiece is a model of St Pancras Station in London.  The detail is amazing.  For the Olympic Games there are two models relating to Rio.  I snapped one of them.  The other is of Rio Carnival.  There are several models of buildings in London, but other European cities also feature, including Rome with its Trevi Fountain.

While visiting the Beacon I also saw a touring exhibition of 3-D printing, which I found very interesting.