Beyond the centre of Carlisle

I have posted a few shots taken in Carlisle before – the tag cloud or contents page may help interested readers find them.  On a recent visit hubby and I found some places we had not explored previously.  A figure woven from natural material (willow?) outside a garden centre reminded us of some we had seen in Montreux, Switzerland.

Woven statue
Woven statue





















Some decorative metal work could easily have been missed.  I took separate pictures of the details in colour.

The red one is the same shape as the church on the skyline in the next picture.  But what is the other tower?

River with gulls
River with gulls

The birds on the river are gulls in adult and juvenile plumage.  Carlisle has three rivers, the Caldew, the Eden and the Petteril.  Looking down at the Caldew it is difficult to imagine the amount of water, which caused the floods last winter.  The railway line on the far side was flooded.

We were interested to note that river levels are monitored by the Environment Agency at this point and there are flood gates nearby, which are closed when the river level rises rapidly.

Monitoring station display
Monitoring station display

The weather was overcast, so the photos are rather dark.  Later that day the sun shone brightly.


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