July garden colour

The most frequent commenter on this blog posted photos on Facebook of her garden flowers, which were predominantly pink and mauve.  She asked about the colours in other people’s gardens.  When the weather became sufficiently clement I popped out and took some photos in my overgrown garden.  It is predominantly pink as the true geraniums are making a takeover bid and will need to be thinned out soon.

I found other colours too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is a trend towards the yellows and oranges of late summer and early autumn.


3 thoughts on “July garden colour

  1. Loved the moving slide display…. We have lots of flowers in common – ours mostly ahead of yours due to being in the South … True geraniums are nearly over (sadly, they make a lovely display), likewise the orange poppies. We still have yellow ones. We have a Hebe going mad, covered in flowers and now in bees. And the other poppies wh I think are opium-style ones, and arrived via birds here! And calendula marigolds – yellow, I envy you the orange ones. We also have a huge hollyhock, over 10 ft! The roses have done well are still producing flowers. And we grow Phlox, which are doing really well, going mad in fact. I will try to post on Facebook if time – where does that go? (Most of my garden pics are on the camera so need t obe processed through Export before Facebooking …)

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