T is for Tulip

This is my post for the letter T in the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.  My theme is plants.

This time I have perhaps chosen the obvious flower beginning with T.  I could have chosen teasel.


Do you know the game (requiring only paper and a pencil for each player) called Country, Town, River?  Each player has the same list, which begins Country, Town, River and continues Flower, Fruit, Vegetable, Boy’s name, Girl’s name.  A letter is chosen by selecting a book and calling out a page number, a line number, a word number and a letter number.  Then the players are allowed time to think of one of each of the items on the list beginning with the selected letter.

The scoring is done like this.  If only one player has a particular word, they score the number of points equal to the number of players.  Two having the same word score the number of points equal to the number of players minus one.  It works out that if everyone has the same word one point each is scored.

It was popular in my family when I was young and might explain why I do not always pick an obvious example for flowers.

The tulip was growing in our garden.  Teasels grow near the kingcups.

There are very short posts on Sue’s Trifles for the A to Z in April Challenge.


6 thoughts on “T is for Tulip

  1. Lovely tulips! My husband and I are terrible gardeners, and 20+ years ago bought our house from someone who put in lovely gardens we couldn’t maintain. We’ve since replaced everything with plants that need no maintenance. Still, every spring one red tulip comes up by the deck, defying our neglect with color. I admire its courage.

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  2. Blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge. I started WAY down the participant list figuring they wouldn’t get as much traffic. readers. As gardening is a passion of mine, I am delighted to find your blog and am now following. It is easy to read and navigate, which is a welcomed relief. Have already enjoyed scrolling back through some of your posts. Look forward to catching up. I have been writing about hotels and inns, come and have TEA on the letter T day if you have time or interest.

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  3. We have some remarkable tulips which appear to have been planted by the previous owners since we can’t recall planting read and yellow tulips … we have lived here for over 30 years though … very strange, they appear every year and are beautiful! Others whichI have planted have not lasted as long, though they do seem to last and like our garden.


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