M is for Mallow

This is my post for the letter M in the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.  My theme is plants.

Mallow is the common name of Lavatera.  Years ago we had more than one of these plants in our garden. They did well for a few years and then suddenly died.

Mallow (Lavatera)
Mallow (Lavatera)

The photo was taken in the same wild flower garden as the Kingcups.  The hawthorn bush in my H post is not far away from there.  Hawthorn sometimes grows in our garden, presumably from seeds the birds bring in.

Tall plants with multiple blooms are interesting to observe.  Some of them open the lowest flowers first, others the highest.  Some produce later flowers from side shoots.  Not having any mallow in the garden now, I am unsure how it grows.  The photo is no help in this regard.

Do you know?  And what about other plants? Gladioli open from the bottom.  But what about hollyhocks, delphiniums and verbascum?

There are very short posts on Sue’s Trifles for the A to Z in April Challenge.


4 thoughts on “M is for Mallow

  1. Ah, the poor, maligned marsh mallow. I’m told a delightful sweet can be made by boiling its roots, one that bears little resemblance to the cloying sugar-blobs we call marshmallows. Thanks for the lovely photo!

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  2. We had a lovely Mallow/Lavetera for some years: then the Honeyfungus got it! I have a small mallow – I don’t know if it has another name as well – at present. I bought it when staying at the Scargill Community’s house near Kettlewell. They were selling off seedlings while reclaiming an old walled garden, which had gone a bit wild and produced lots of extras from the plants which had survived! This small mallow completely dies down to its roots over winter, then rises up just before I’ve given up and thought it hadn’t come through the cold weather.

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