Flowers of the future

I read this challenge on Saturday evening after going for two walks with my phone.  The Future, how to portray it?  The photo I’d like to share is of a burgeoning horse chestnut shoot.  I had a little difficulty finding a fairly uncluttered background for this shot.  The sticky buds have begun to reveal the furled palmate leaves and the flower buds, which I associate with the month of May.  From this picture we can look forward a month to fully open leaves and trees with white or pink candles.

Horse chestnut flower buds
Horse chestnut flower buds

Coincidentally a blogger I have found through the A to Z challenge has horse chestnut flowers on his post for H.


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      1. Very true: even in our road, which curves considerably, some gardens facing other ways will have flowers out long before others. Mine is a late, East-facing garden: my friend whose garden faces south is early.

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