C is for Clematis

This is my post for the letter C in the  Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge. A version of it appeared for the revised A to Z challenge.  My theme is plants.

The clematis of my childhood grew in a small square of earth, surrounded by a very low retaining wall and crazy paving.  It was able to climb the wooden post by the front door of our house.  The flowers were a deep purple.  Each year Mum used to prune it back to about one foot above the ground.  One year the pruning was possibly more severe.  It never grew again.  Later the post was replaced by a storm porch.

Clematis plants like to have their roots in shade, but to be able to grow into sunlight.  Hubby has constructed a frame for our clematis plants on the shady side of our garden.  We have a few different species, but the first to flower and the most prolific is the Montana shown in the picture.  It has the nickname a mile a minute, because its shoots spread so quickly.


This photo was taken as I was on my way to meet a friend.  I noticed that the sun was shining on it and turned back to find a good spot to capture it.

Some other plants beginning with C, which grow in our garden are comfrey, cornflower (the perennial one), columbine (also known as aquilegia) and Californian poppy.  I associate the last one with my Grandad, who was an enthusiastic gardener even in old age.  I know many people in the USA would consider it to be a weed, but the flowers are bright and set seed easily.

How do you distinguish between plants and weeds?  Are there gardeners in your family?

Sue’s Trifles is also taking part in Blogging from A to Z in April with very short posts.


8 thoughts on “C is for Clematis

  1. My dad is a master gardener. I go to him for gardening advice all the time, but I don’t think I will ever match what he has done in his yard. Then again, he has a lot more acres.

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  2. Beautiful color to brighten the day. We have mostly roses in our front and backyard, but this time of year there are flowers in bloom everywhere. We have gardeners who come keep the yard in decent order. No gardener here, mostly due to lack of time.

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  3. Oh, right… weeds.
    In some month I will move into a flat with a very little garden in the front and a little garden in the back – and then I should know how to distinguish between plants and weeds. Well, I will learn it and I am looking forward to it.
    Luckily my mother has a allotment garden since I was born. About half of it is for vegetables and fruit and the rest for flowers and pretty flowering bushes. I have to admit that I never was really interested in the garden, but my Mum knows a lot and can help me to learn.

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