A to Z theme reveal

The A to Z theme reveal is a blogging event, where participants in the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge reveal the theme they have chosen. (It is not necessary to have a theme in order to take part in the challenge.)

On Mayday 2015 I went round the garden with my phone camera snapping plants beginning with different letters of the alphabet. During the year I added more photos to my collection. Some of the letters required more planning. I hope you will enjoy reading about the plants as well as looking at the photos.
The first six posts were originally written for a different A to Z challenge. I have shortened them for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.

To encourage you to follow my A to Z posts here is a photo of a plant, which I am not including in the posts for the challenge.

A spectacular bloom
A spectacular bloom

It was growing on a shrub at Groombridge Place in Kent. Do you know what it is?


30 thoughts on “A to Z theme reveal

  1. Great idea for this time of year. I’m totally clueless about plant names so I have no idea what the plant in the photo is! Good luck 🙂


  2. I knew the plant but I thought that I was close to write that I don’t know the English name. Well, and then I read the answer and had to laugh. Because in German it’s called “Hibiskus”. Quite close to the English name, isn’t it? 😉

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  3. It’s similar to something I have in my yard called a Rose of Sharon. My blooms are a paler lilac color, but it has that unique middle bit poking out from the center. I had to research it last year when it bloomed. There were several of them sprouting up on their own.


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