Fascinated by nature

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is to explain the state of mind of the photographer at the time the photo was taken.

Taking these photos I was fascinated.  I have rarely seen wild birds of prey in such close proximity.  The bird of prey and the rook were so intent on their life and death struggle that they completely ignored the spectators and the passing traffic.

I was also happy to see that people had come outside from a nearby pub to watch and take photos or videos on their phones.  In a rural area people are content to let birds cull the exploding population of rooks, which feed on crops and the eggs of smaller birds.




6 thoughts on “Fascinated by nature

  1. Here we have the re-introduced Red Kites: they have done well and they are now a threat to all the smaller birds. Spectactular to see how these raptors work, and how they glide and fly.


  2. It does look quite a small raptor – what kinds do you have in your area? This morning saw a smaller bird chasing off a red kite across the sky – presumably the kite was after eggs or chicks. Smaller bird seemed to be successful this time.


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