Spring and summer flowers in February

This week’s photo challenge is seasons.

The seasons here seem to be mixed up.  On 9 February there were snowdrops (an early spring flower) and daisies (if you can stand on twelve it is summer). The dead leaves remind me of autumn, while the month is a winter one.

Snowdrops and daisies
Snowdrops and daisies


One thought on “Spring and summer flowers in February

  1. Not too sure if I get the phrase, “if you can stand on twelve” 😀 It did sound like the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind that day on 9 February in your part of the world. We do get days like that too here in Melbourne, Australia. One moment it might be hailing, rainy and cold, and the next moment sunny. And then the next moment cloudy and windy with leaves being blown all over the place. Strange world we live in 🙂

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