What I learned in January 2016

This post is linking with emily p. freeman.  Previously I have linked from Sue’s Trifles, but I don’t need another post there before the link expires.  What I learned in January fits better with this blog in any case.

When I mentioned that I was finding it impossible to take photos using my mobile phone and my gloves, hubby bought me some special gloves with coatings on the thumb and forefinger.  They do work up to a point.  However they are very stretchy and if I have to take them of and put them back on again, for example to take something from my pocket, the sensitive part may not be under the right part of my finger.  Hit and miss.

On Saturday morning, with the winds from storm Gertrude continuing, it was very cold.  My gloves were hit and miss with the emphasis on miss.  I have set my phone up so that touching the screen operates the shutter.  I began to use my nose.  After a while that stopped working too.  I hope you will enjoy the photos, which appear as a slide show.

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