My optimism was rewarded

The photo challenge from the Daily Post is Optimistic.  Anyone deciding to go on a long outing by public transport in winter must be optimistic.  I made a trip to meet with other writers.  For these photos I was using my Xperia E4 phone.  The photos were more successful than attempts from train windows with my E1.  Interestingly I find that the colours come out differently depending which phone I use.

I’ll let the captions tell the story.

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Only three days later this journey would not have been possible. A storm damaged the sea defences with the result that trains had to be replaced by road travel for part of the route.  The first two photos were taken on that part of the line.


5 thoughts on “My optimism was rewarded

  1. Really liked this journey series! I sometimes take photos from the car (passenger seat of course) and it is a nuisance when you find it’s captured the mirror or edge of the window – but it is also possible to get a nice one. Caught a lovely rainbow coming into Wharfedale last year. I suspect the train is better as you can ‘bookmark’ with station photos.

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    1. I checked the route on Google maps and found names of rivers and other information, not necessarily included here. I have shared passenger seat photos here, but it is difficult to capture good ones, especially as I seem to have a delay set on my phone. Thanks for reading and commenting. Sue

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      1. Yes,camera delay can be infuriating! Mine certainly plays that trick on me (the camera which is a camera, but not the phone). Mostly I’ve used the camera from the car, as I’ve only had an iPhone since last autumn. It takes wonderful pictures, I must say: the drawback is that there’s no zoom though! (Fussy me …)

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