Another favourite walk

After days of dull, wet and windy weather, there was some sunshine last Wednesday. Although the wind felt chilly, the sea was remarkably calm. Hubby and I enjoyed a walk along the beach. It was our first walk since Storm Desmond. Every tide alters the topography of the beach, but the changes over a few weeks were quite remarkable. We were wearing hiking boots and managed to walk on the sand, jumping or striding over some fast-flowing streams, without getting our feet wet.
One notable feature was a wide expanse of fairly deep water, which was not there before. The sand and some of the rocks have been moved around. Pebbles had been flung up onto the foreshore too.
We watched a bird of prey (probably a kestrel) hunting above the cliffs. It is only a smudge on one of my photos. It appeared to remain still, although the wind was strong.  There was a large dead bird on the tide-line. Last year we saw a gannet in a similar place. Although we did not go close, we suspect this was another.  Storms cause a number of casualties of this kind.
It was early afternoon, but the sun remains low in the sky in December.
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