A holiday in Kent

For the second year running I spent a few days in Kent with Mum.  I have already posted photos from our outing to Groombridge Place.  Here are some from earlier in the week.  They are of Royal Tunbridge Wells and Burrswood Hospital.

Royal Tunbridge Wells
Royal Tunbridge Wells

In Royal Tunbridge Wells we explored the Pantiles, the church of King Charles the Martyr (where Queen Victoria used to worship) and walked up the High Street.  The lady in the Tourist Information Office in the Corn Exchange could not have been more helpful.  After lunch in a Thai restaurant we travelled back to Burrswood in a taxi.  The driver was very enthusiastic about the grounds of the hospital  in spring.  He told us about the snowdrops followed by the bluebells.

Burrswood Hospital is much more than a hospital.  Its beautiful grounds are open to the public as is the tea room.  It is a very peaceful place.  There is a prayer walk, which helps people to connect with God as they enjoy the beauty of nature and read the words of ten hymns.

Last year I described the wonderful flower festival, which took place there.  This time there was a painting day, while we were there.  Even without the flower festival there was plenty for participants to paint.

One morning I saw a rabbit on a wall.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  I tried to persuade myself it was a cat, but the ears gave its identity away.  Later we had a close look at the place it had been.  The wall was low and the shrub the other side of it had been nibbled.

Morning view
Morning view

The weather was perfect.  It hardly rained and was not too hot.  The view from our room one morning was amazing.


The Thursday was the day that the Transfiguration of Christ is commemorated.  We attended a service in the church, had lunch in the tea room and on the way out I took the photo of the sky.  (The photo on the right above.)  Vapour trails are fairly short-lived;  I thought the timing was special.

The photo on the left in that row is of the “Breakthrough Cross” – a sculpture by Ophelia Gordon Bell.


2 thoughts on “A holiday in Kent

  1. We’ve stayed at Burrswood too! Do you know its history? Founded by Dorothy Kerin, a visionary woman, in 1948 – we have a book about her. We were there in late spring, and also visited Vita Sackville West’s old home at Sissinghurst – wonderful flowers and interesting place. We were ‘guests’: I don’t know if they have these anymore, as they had to slightly alter their ministry in order to be in line with how the health service works, I think. I also suspect having the Tea Rooms available to the public is new. It’s an inspirational place, lovely woods full of primroses when we were there.


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