Close up (two photos)

I hadn’t realised what the Daily Post photo challenge for this week was, when hubby alerted me to the roses in our garden.  This shot is a close up in more ways than one.  The roses in the cluster are close to each other.  The rosemary bush has prevented them falling lower because of their weight.  So I present a close-up of rosemary and roses.

Roses and rosemary
Roses and rosemary
  • My second photo shows the sort of detail requested in the post by BRIE ANNE DEMKIW

    Californian poppy
    Californian poppy





It is a Californian poppy, fully open with the reproductive organs clearly visible.  It was windy as I took the photo.  My phone seems to be able to freeze an image.  There is another flower at the bottom of the picture and the feathery leaves belong with the flower.  I had hoped to show a stem with a rudimentary seed pod, but it did not remain within the frame.


2 thoughts on “Close up (two photos)

  1. Lovely photos, Sue. I also enjoy doing close-ups of plants and flowers, esp. if a bee is visiting so I have the bee in focus! I’ve just done some of the poppies in our garden and will try to post them on FB – also of nasturshiums, and a lovely single, old-fashioned type rose.

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