Symbol – treble clef

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is about a symbol.

Musical notation consists of many symbols.  As a beginner pianist aged about 8 or 9 I could already decipher the notes written in treble and bass clef.

Later music was squeezed out of my life.  At a particularly low point I was stitching a tapestry picture as therapy.  I decided to take a break and put it away.  A thread I dropped as I walked from one room to another landed on the floor in the shape of a treble clef.

Treble clefs
Treble clefs

At the time I realised that a treble clef is not a simple symbol.  I had spent hours practising drawing it as homework from piano lessons.  (Music theory was included.)

For the purposes of this post I have spent quite a few minutes trying to arrange a length of tapestry thread in the shape of a treble clef.  It is nowhere near as perfect as the shape (on the floor) which I remember from years ago.

Music is an important part of my life now and has been for many years.