On the Way (3 photos)

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is On the Way.  While others may be pointing their cameras out of the windows of aircraft, my journey ( a round trip of almost 90 miles) did not take me as far as the nearest airport.  Instead I pointed my phone at the windscreen (wind-shield) of the car and on one occasion the side window.  There are three photos I consider worth sharing.  The road was the same one I mentioned in a previous post.

On the way there
On the way there

The weather was bright on the outward journey.  A storm was brewing as we returned; it rained  heavily overnight.  Previously I have travelled by train and bus to the writing group I joined last year.  This time hubby took me as there were places he wanted to go to in the city.  His plans were not completely successful.  The supermarket, where he planned to shop is closed for refurbishment.  Going by car saved over an hour compared with my usual journey, but I realised that I enjoy travelling independently sometimes.

On the way back
On the way back

The views were clear, but only one seemed possible from the side due to increasingly leafy trees and other obstacles.  A crash barrier was in the way as we were on our way back.  The river Derwent is in the foreground with the Cumbrian mountains (or fells) in the distance.

View partly obscured by a crash barrier

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