Forces of Nature

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Forces of Nature.

My post for the Motion challenge showed the waves.  These photos taken in April 2015 show the results of the combined forces of wind, waves, rain, hail, sleet and snow.  As well as those inanimate forces, rabbits burrow from the tops of the cliffs and sand martins nest in holes in the cliff face.

Cliff erosion
Cliff erosion
Detail of erosion
Detail of erosion

The footpath has moved farther inland after a number of cliff-falls.  The top of the cliff in one of the snaps shows bare earth worn to a sharp edge, where there was once fairly level grassy ground.

At the end of the beach a beck or stream reaches the sea. April was a very dry month. The level of water in the beck was low. It began to flow underground through the pebbles. Following a day of heavy rain, the level rose and fell again. My next (cropped) photo shows how flowing water cuts out a path through land. It was taken on 9th May 2015.

Water carving out a path
Water carving out a path
Trees in a windswept landscape
Trees in a windswept landscape

Another example of the force of nature is demonstrated in my fourth photograph. Up the valley from the beach, this group of trees has grown with a strong prevailing wind from the coast. The first tree has taken the strongest wind and sheltered the others.  For reference the corner of the shed in the lower left-hand corner shows the vertical.



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