Intricate mechanism

The Daily Post Photographic Challenge this week is Intricate.  This post includes two photographs.  I have already written about a visit to Acorn Bank.  I took lots of snaps that day.  One in particular sprang to mind for this challenge.

To take the photo, I chose the best place to stand in order to have the mechanism in sunlight. Even so some of it is in the shadow of the tree. My shadow also appears in the shot.

Clock mechanism
Clock mechanism

The clock mechanism is inside a very old, hollow oak tree. The bark of the tree also has an intricate pattern. In winter and early spring the only clues to the species of a tree are its shape (habit) and its bark.

Oak tree
Oak tree

The second photo in this post was taken before we visited the bird-hide. The first one was on the way back about twenty minutes later.


3 thoughts on “Intricate mechanism

  1. What intrigued me was how and why the clock mechanism got to be inside the tree – do you know? ANd did you know it was there before you visited the place, or go there because it was something interesting to record?


    1. I had forgotten it was there. I seem to remember a picture in a National Trust magazine. We went for the daffodils – in my header and my other post. There was much more including wildlife and a watermill. Hubby says the mechanism is an art installation. Sue


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