Perpetual motion

The photos I have chosen for this week’s Photo Challenge are of the Irish Sea on 24 January 2015.  I was fascinated by the waves and explored the capabilities of my camera phone.

More waves
More waves

Two photos I have selected for this challenge show the waves approaching the shore and breaking.  As the tide comes in and goes out, no two waves are alike.  Some are more energetic.  The position at which the wave begins to roll is different every time.  The wind speed and direction also affect the waves.  The changing position of the sun and the weather mean that no two photos will be identical.

Breaking water
Breaking water

The third photo is the one obeying the rule that the light should be behind the camera.  Using a camera phone (at least for this novice) involves a delay before the shutter opens.  Fortunately the wave in this snap was near its peak.

Do you find waves fascinating?


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