These two photos were taken on different days.  The sunny day was on the day of the eclipse and has appeared on this blog for the Ephemeral challenge.

Blue skies
Blue skies

The second photo was taken today.  I held my phone in the portrait position in order to include the height of the masts.  There is a bird swimming just to the right of the tallest mast.

grey skies
Grey skies


The marina in the pictures has an interesting past.  It is now used for pleasure and fishing.  Its history includes a time when it was more important than Liverpool.  In more recent times it was used as a port for loading industrial cargo.  It used to be tidal, but now there are sea-gates, which maintain the level of the water, so that the yachts and fishing boats in the inner harbour are always afloat.

(The Daily Post Photo Challenge topic. )


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