Garden survey 2015

Primula denticulata
Primula denticulata

Last year I summarised previous springs’ flowers in bloom in our garden on 31 March.  It has been my habit to look around the garden on that date most years for over thirty years.  (I still have information relating to our previous home.)  I have added this year’s list to the table I prepared last year.


Because the weather forecast for 31 March 2015 was for gales and showers, I took photos of some of the flowers the previous day before it began to rain.  I had just read a blog about garden flower photography, which came up on one of the social media platforms I use.  In this case it was Twitter and the post had been featured by Post40Bloggers.


Y indicates that Yes, a species is in flower.  Bud and over need no explanation.

Plant 31 March 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Snowed on day Cold March   Wet winter Colder
anemone Bud
bluebell Bud
comfrey Y Y   Y
crocus Y Over Over Y   Over 1 left
daffodil Y   Y Y
elephant’s ear Y Y   Y Over
flowering currant Y Y   Y In bud
Puschkinia scilloides Y Y Y   Y
grape hyacinth Y Y Y   Y Y
heather Y
honesty   Y
hyacinth Y Y Y   Y Y
miniature narcissus Y Y Y Y   Y Y
narcissus Y Y   Y Y
pansy Y Bud Bought
in bloom
periwinkle Y Y Y   Y Y
pink saxifrage Y
polyanthus Y Y
primrose Y Y Y   Y Y
primula denticulata Y Y Y Y   Y Y
purple hebe   Y Y
rosemary   Y Y
saxifrage (red) Y   Y Y
scilla Y Y   Y Y
skimmia   Y In bud
snowdrop Over Over Over Y   Over Over
tulip Y Y   Bud
tulipa tarda Y   Bud
wallflower Y Bud Y Y   Y Y
winter jasmine Y Over Over Over   Over Over

Elephant’s ears are Bergenia – their leaves are very large, hence the common name.  The leaves are visible in the shot of the wallflower and narcissi.  There are three species in our garden.  At least one is over, but another is in bud.

Wallflower and narcissi
Wallflower and narcissi
Grape hyacinth
Grape hyacinth

The primula den-ticulata are of three colours, white (as shown), pale mauve and deep mauve. They were grown from seed by Mum, who then parcelled them up in an egg-box and sent them to me through the post. That was in the early or mid 1990s.

I hope you have enjoyed my words and pictures.  What is growing in your garden (or yard)?

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