Introduction to Sue’s words and pictures

Hello readers, old and new.  Welcome to Sue’s words and pictures.

Spring is a time for new beginnings.  Not all new starts are without problems.  I remember attending an evening class once.  The teacher wrote on the blackboard, “Alle Anfang is schwer.”  Every beginning is difficult.  For me it was a refresher course in German, but my first evening class.

This is my first post on a new blog.  I am looking forward meeting some of my loyal followers from my other blogs and new readers too.

I hope this blog will be refreshing for everyone.  How I shall divide my posts between this blog and Sue’s Trifles after the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge is over, I am not sure.  My instinct is to split posts with photos into this blog and wordy posts into the existing one.

Yesterday hubby and I had a very enjoyable outing in the spring sunshine.  Today high ground in that region was covered with snow.

My header photo is from yesterday’s outing to a National Trust property – Acorn Bank.  Perhaps these are the sort of daffodils made famous by William Wordsworth.


What can you expect to find here?

My annual garden survey, last week’s eclipse, more about yesterday’s trip, other trips out and more besides.  I’ll aim to post weekly.

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4 thoughts on “Introduction to Sue’s words and pictures

  1. I came over to your blog from Suzie81’s blog party. I also checked out Sue’s Trifles and Sue’s Considered Trifles. I am pretty new to the blogging world and I am really enjoying visiting and viewing all these blogs. I am glad I found this blog especially since it is just starting up although you have been blogging for some time.


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