A visit to the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh

The reason hubby and I went to Edinburgh was to view The Lost Words exhibition, which was in Inverleith House in the Royal Botanical Garden.

After we had been round the exhibition, we had lunch in the café and explored the Garden.

It was our first visit, but we hope it will not be our last. Like any garden it changes with the seasons. In late summer we enjoyed seeing many flowers, especially the herbaceous borders. It would look quite different in spring, when the bulbs are in flower and the leaves just beginning to open on the trees and shrubs.

I have visited Kew Gardens several times (as a child and later with hubby and our children). There is an entrance fee there. In Edinburgh it is free to visit the garden, but there is a charge for visiting the glasshouses. That is something we hope to do on a future visit. We were fortunate with the weather and happy to be outside for the afternoon.


A visit to two castles in Cumbria

With our English Heritage membership about to expire hubby and I went to see two castles we had not previously explored. Although their names look very similar (as are aspects of their history) the way they are pronounced is quite different. Brougham sounds like broom and Brough rhymes with gruff.

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We broke our journey at Rheged and had a look around some of the shops there. Brougham castle is just off the A66 beyond the Penrith junction. We found a parking place and took our picnic lunch through the ticket office/museum. We ate it overlooking the river Eamont. (There are more benches and picnic benches farther into the site, but it was convenient for returning our surplus items to the car rather than carrying them round.)

There are history information boards around the site and it is possible to climb up the keep for views of the surrounding area. Hubby climbed to the top, but I decided that the first level was quite high enough. I am not good with heights!

As it was still fairly early in the afternoon, we decided to proceed to Brough Castle, which is also close to the A66, rather than returning home immediately.

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Unlike Brougham Castle, entry to Brough castle is free. It was very busy, but I managed to take some photos avoiding the other visitors.

Our journey home took longer than expected due to the volume of traffic on the A66. In spite of that, it was another good day out.

Wildflowers near water

One Saturday morning during the heatwave, I set off in the morning to look for wild flowers near water. This was the theme of a #WildFlowerHour challenge on Twitter. I shared most of the photos I took on Twitter. The hashtag was #ByTheWater

I am creating this post to give more background information about the area where I took most of my photos.

The public footpath currently runs from the beach, through a field, across an old wooden bridge, over a pedestrian level crossing and up to a lane. There are plans to divert it. I have looked at the plans in the local library. At the time I was rather preoccupied. I didn’t find them particularly clear. The maps were large scale and I couldn’t be sure of the precise route of the proposed path.

I am interested to find out where it will go and what disturbance there will be to the established wild plants in the area. I am indebted to participants in #wildfowerhour especially BSBI (Botanical society of Britain and Ireland) for the identification of some of these plants. Any errors are mine!

Where I have only partly identified the plant, more details would be welcome in the comments.