A walk down a lonning

The footpath in my photos is included in a book all about lonnings written by one of my acquaintances. I have walked along it in both directions in different seasons. Sometimes it is very muddy.

Earlier this month the petals were falling off the hawthorn trees which grow on one side of the path. Some landed on a strange fungus, others on the grass. They indicate the size of the toadstool. Many different species of plants grow here. Any ideas what the toadstool is?

Through the gate the path continues between gorse bushes, but is not as easy to walk along as the edge of the field above it. The view from the path is limited as it is in a dip.


A (brief) visit to Townend

Having been delayed by bad weather and slow traffic we made an unplanned visit to a National Trust property near Windermere, Townend. It was our first visit, although we have passed the sign to it on countless journeys. We were in time to eat our picnic lunch (in our car in the car park) and to visit the house shortly after it opened at 1pm. (There had been two fully-booked guided tours earlier.)

As it was the half-term holiday it was fairly busy even on a showery day. The farmhouse had been the home of a farming family, who collected books. One of them also carved furniture in elaborate patterns. It was fascinating.

The garden gave a view across to a bank barn, which we did not have time to inspect more closely.

Near the car park there was a wildflower meadow. By coincidence the challenge for #wildflowerhour was #inthemeadow.

Our satnav (GPS navigation) told us to turn the opposite way along the lane from the way we had arrived at the car park. It turned out to be a short cut along a narrow country lane.

Flash photography was not allowed inside the house. There are pictures of the interior and of the exterior on a brighter day here.

The Sherwood Forester

There was a lot of competition on the platform for a good place to take photos. The service train waiting to continue its journey along the single track blocked the view from the opposite platform.

The steam train only slowed down rather than stopping in the station reducing the photo opportunities even more. My Sony phone freezes action shots, but there is a ‘shadow’ on one of these photos. Hubby did much better this time, both with his position on the station and his camera. (I refused to upgrade to it, so have no real grounds for complaint!)