Fête accomplie

This week the photo challenge from the Daily Post is  Transient.

Many towns and villages around the UK are decorated with bunting for a short time in summer to enhance a particular occasion, such as a fête or gala.

I took one photo shortly after the bunting had been put up and another the day I heard it was going to be taken down. It was there for less than 2 weeks.

Telegraph wires and bunting
Permanent and transient lines

Exploring Carlisle

On a sunny Saturday in May, I had some spare time before a meeting in Carlisle. I took some more photos of Carlisle Cathedral. Walking through the garden at Tullie House I was impressed by the flowers, trees and shrubs.

Taking a photo from a bridge I confirmed that I do not like heights!

Carlisle Castle
Carlisle Castle

Then I explored Bitts Park for the first time. It consists of parkland, formal gardens, a memorial garden and a children’s playground. The River Eden runs through it. Being aware of the devastating floods in this area in December 2015, I was surprised by the low level of the river after a few weeks of dry weather.


What to focus on

This week’s challenge from the Daily Post is Focus (or out of focus).

My camera phone does not always focus on the right thing – right meaning the thing I had intended to capture. An example is this photo of an old station drinking fountain in the West Cumberland Railway Museum.

Drinking fountain with cup
Drinking fountain with cup

To me the important parts were the writing on the fountain, “KEEP THE PLATFORM DRY”, and the drinking cup. In fact the lettering on the adjacent sign is crisper.

How often do we focus on the wrong things in life, I wonder?