Carlisle Cathedral

Sometimes it is nice to travel and explore. My photos for this week’s photo challenge, Wanderlust, were taken towards the end of March, when I spent some time wandering around the cathedral grounds after travelling for more than an hour by train. In the sunshine I noticed features of the architecture, which I had missed previously. I took close-ups rather than trying to fit the whole of the impressive building into a single snap.

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River Mersey and Earth Day

For the Earth photo challenge from the Daily Post I am sharing two photos of the River Mersey in south Manchester. They were taken on Palm Sunday. It was a beautiful spring morning. The river was calm like the weather. In the photo of the weir there is evidence of the height the river reached in the floods last year. The environment is affected by many forces, both natural and man-made.

Earth Day is a good time to reflect on how everyone has a responsibility to care for the environment.

A disappointing surprise

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is Surprise.

As I was sitting in an open-air eating area near the café in a city park, I noticed the shadows on a wooden structure. The structure consists of pairs of vertical posts with a horizontal beams topped by thin strands of bamboo or something similar. There was a repeating pattern of diagonal stripes on the beams and a repeating pattern of posts.

I nearly forgot to take a photo at all.

The rest of our party was leaving and there were quite a few people sitting under the structure. I was embarrassed about taking the photo and made sure my phone was pointing above the people. In the bright sunshine I couldn’t see the preview on the screen.

Instead of the photo I intended to take, I was surprised, when I looked later, to find that I had some sky and only one beam. Perhaps you can imagine the picture I had hoped for.

A small part of the structure
A small part of the structure