Birds near Derwentwater

These photos were taken on the same day as the oak tree in the previous post. Most of the birds are water birds on or near Derwentwater. However I cannot remember visiting the area without seeing lots of robins. I have pictures of two, but one of them is rather camouflaged. Swans are notorious for putting their heads under the water just as the shutter opens! There were lots of ducks and geese. We saw geese swimming, flying and walking.


An ancient oak tree

I noticed some interesting things about a tree we passed on a day out in the Lake District. There was moss growing on the trunk of the tree and presumably on at least one branch. Some ferns were growing on a branch and on the trunk of the tree. In our garden that ferns usually grow in areas where moss has already become established. (I once studied the growth of a fern and wrote a post about it.)

It was impossible for me to stand far enough away from the tree to fit all of it in a single shot. In January the only leaves were a few from last year, which had not fallen to the ground.

A Walk around Whitehaven Harbour

On a sunny day at the end of December hubby and I went to Whitehaven to visit the Beacon Museum. We were keen to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which has arrived from the Natural History Museum. It is well worth a visit. We also looked round the Art of Reprocessing exhibition marking the end of reprocessing at the THORP plant. The artworks inspired by this were varied and very good.

It is possible to walk around the harbour crossing a footbridge, which is not available when boats are entering or leaving the harbour. The ground is very uneven in places.

Here are some photos.